Know us better

TTTurbo is a young and dynamic company, where quality and customer satisfaction are paramount rules in our range of services. We provide a wide range of turbos, injectors and injection pumps for any car, always offering you several options tailored to your needs: acquire new or reconditioned equipment, or even repair your existing one. Whichever option you choose, we assume responsibility because we trust our products and guarantee their quality.

TTTURBO's Facilities


Our mission

We stand out in the market for our technical expertise in automotive turbochargers and fuel injection systems. We focus on being a strategic business tool, optimizing costs and repair times. Although we have special prices for new equipment such as turbos and injection systems, we position ourselves in the market as an alternative to the acquisition of this new equipment. TTTurbo enables remanufacturing or even purchase a remanufactured product, providing services at very competitive prices and always maintaining a standard of exemplary quality. We pledge to provide quality, competitiveness and agility, and we have at your disposal excellent skilled professionals and high-tech equipment. We welcome your visit to show you more about the TTTURBO's attitude.


Our facilities

TTTurbo has all the technological infra-structures necessary for the repair and calibration of its equipment, while complying with the standards required by your car. Pay us a visit, come see our facilities and learn more about our process for repairing turbos and injection systems. We also give special attention to prevention. Why wait for the turbo to break down for good? Come and learn now how you can save money by avoiding a more costly repair in the future.


TTTURBO's Facilities